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Welcome to the official blog of the Jane Austen House Museum.

The Museum is housed in the cottage where Jane Austen lived from 1809 until shortly before her death in 1817. It was in this cottage, in the small village of Chawton in Hampshire, that all of Jane Austen’s major works were either written or revised. Jane Austen was very fond of her Chawton home, which she shared with her mother, her elder sister, Cassandra, and their friend, Martha Lloyd.

The aim of this blog is to share the life of the museum with everyone, particularly with those of you who cannot physically visit us here at Chawton. We hope to give you some glimpses into our collection and the wonderful garden surrounding the house, to ‘meet’ the staff and volunteers who contribute so much to the special atmosphere of the museum, and to celebrate the many and varied events held here.

We do hope that you will enjoy reading about the life of this vibrant museum which is dedicated to commemorating the life of Jane Austen, her family and her works.

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