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Claire Skinner’s Hat from the BBC’s Sense and Sensibility

February 13, 2012

The next in this series of hats that have been on  display at the House is a stunning creation which was worn by Claire Skinner,

who played the odious Fanny Dashwood in the BBC’s 2008 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

The hat is made of rich purple silk, which is pleated over the crown of the hat. It is decorated with a cockade of purple and red, black lace and also with feathers.

The hat was on show on the ground floor, and its purple sumptuousness drew many admiring glances from our visitors…

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  1. Cathy Allen permalink
    February 14, 2012 5:31 pm

    It’s funny, I don’t particularly remember the face of the actress in the ’08 movie, but I do remember this hat! Stunning is a good word for it. I wonder if it was made specifically for that production…hmmm… Thanks, Julie.

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